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Fold My Laundry

Fold My Laundry

Cost: $1.10/lb


We ask that you wash all your laundry ahead of our arrival. If a load is still drying when we arrive but there is enough to get us started, this is perfectly fine. Please provide clear instructions if you have a preference for how items should be folded and stacked and where they should be placed when we are done. We will put away items for an additional $7 fee - just tell us where groups of items should go.


A $30 minimum downpayment is required for us to do laundry. Downpayment must be made at least 48 hrs ahead of the service time.


When we arrive, we will weigh and calculate the cost of the service. Your downpayment is deducted and we will charge you the difference onsite. NOTE: If the service cost is calculated to be less than $30, we cannot refund the difference since our minimum charge is $30.


Our employees will be equipped with Square readers to collect payment before we begin. Although cash is acceptable, we do prefer card transactions.




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