stainless steel kitchen

stainless steel kitchen

A kitchen with at least one stainless steel appliance is considered a stainless steel kitchen. If you want us to not clean your stainless steel appliances, select  Standard Kitchen instead.


We will use specialized cleaning supplies on your stainless steel appliances. Service includes cleaning outside of refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and other small appliances but we will clean the inside of microwaves. (If you need us to clean the inside of your refrigerator, stoves and ovens, add the appropriate service from our list of services). Standard service also includes counter tops, sinks wiping down cabinets and cleaning kitchen floors.


Washing dishes or loading and unloading the dishwasher are not included services. Please find the appropriate one from our list of services.


Deep cleaning of outside surfaces of cabinets (not top) is at an additional cost and can be included when you select deep as an option below.


To clarify level service needed during this visit, please choose from the available options:

Maintenance - This covers normal clean and is included in the base cost. Adds $0

Overdue - Requires a little more attention than usual - at an additional cost of $10

Deep - A more rigourous deep cleaning (e.g. grout) - at an additional cost of $15


    Cancel 48 hours prior to the service time to get a full refund. After that time frame we require that you reschedule the service or gift it to someone else at a future time. Call or email to complete this process.